Setien: Barcelona were waiting for a match like this

de Stefano Bentivogli
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Barcelona beat Eibar 5-0 and Quique Setien has stressed that his team were in need of such a comfortable win.

The 61-year-old coach explained that the Blaugrana had produced similar performances in previous games, but lacked the clinical touch in front of goal.

"We were waiting for a match like this, in which things went well for us and we were doing things right," he said in his press conference afterwards.

"In other games we couldn't finish like today despite doing things right.

"Today it went well, with three goals before the break.

"That gave us peace of mind and allowed us to think about what awaits ahead for us."

Lionel Messi ended his four-game goal drought in the league after netting four times against the Basque side.

"Messi has been doing this for 14 or 15 years and will continue to do so," added Setien.

"He is a guarantee for any team.

"The reality is that he is always there.

"If he is not there with his goals, he is with his assists.

"That is why it is the best in the world, because he resolves what others can't."

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu was whistled before kick off, but Setien made clear that his team are focused on footballing issues.

"[Whistles] do not add pressure at all," he noted.

"[Barcelona] are a team that are interested in competing and playing football.

"You are always aware of what is happening.

"The reality is that what really matters is to prepare the games well and to go out to the pitch and to work during the week.

"All the media noise can't be controlled.

"Each one is as he is, of course.

"The important thing is to isolate yourself."

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